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My Gear

My Current Gear List   (updated 6-19-2018)

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= = MIJ Telecaster = =
1984 '62RI 3 Tone Sunburst (rosewood)

= = MIM Telecasters = =
2002 '69RI Thinline Surf Green (maple)
2002 '69RI Thinline Shell Pink (maple)
2002 '69RI Thinline Lake Placid Blue (maple)
2002 '69RI Thinline Candy Apple Red (maple)
2002 '69RI Thinline Daphne Blue (maple)

= = USA Telecasters = =
1957 Blonde Esquire (refin) (maple)
1966 Custom 3 Tone Sunburst (refin) (maple)

* * Fender Custom Shop Telecasters * *
1988 CS 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Tabacco #46(maple)
1996 CS "Cunetto" Nocaster #430 (maple)
2001 CS Marty Stuart Signature Blue Sparkle (maple)
2002 CS Blind Faith Masterbuilt Mark Kendrick Relic (maple)
2005 CS '60RI 3 Tone Sunburst Relic (rosewood)
2006 CS '64RI Silver Sparkle NOS (maple)
2008 CS Nocaster Blue Relic w/Matching Headstock (maple)
2009 CS Greg Koch Limited Edition Masterbuilt Closet Classic (maple)
2014 CS 50's Dbl Bound Sonic Blue Thinline w/Matching Hdstk (maple)

Former Fender Custom Shop Collection (a few still remain)

My Fender Custom Shop "Painted Ladies"

= = USA Stratocaster = =
2007 AV 1957-2007 Commemorative White Blonde (maple)
2010 John Mayer Signature "Black1" (rosewood)

* * Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster * *
1993 Shell Pink w/Gold Hardware and Matching Headstock

= = USA = =

2010 T Style '50's White Guard Relic w/Ellis P/ups

= = USA = =
2002 T Style "Spanish Roccoco" Girl-SOLD
2004 T Style "Crossroads" Girl

= = USA = =
2014 T Deluxe Double Bound Relic (maple)

= = USA = =
2009 Deluxe Steelcaster Relic (maple)


2015 Broncobuster T-Style Light Relic (maple)

= = USA = =
2006 Thinline White w/Black Binding (maple)

= = USA = =
2013 S Style Crown Royal Blue Relic w/Lollars

= = USA = =
2014 Les Paul "ES" Goldtop (rosewood)

= = USA = =
1970 D28
1988 HD28 (w/Fishman piezo p/up)
1996 HD40 "Marty Stuart" Limited Edition #98-SOLD

= = Japan = =
1999 Yamaha APX4 (w/piezo p/up)
2004 Ibanez Classical Cutaway Slim (w/piezo p/up)

= = Heads = =
Morgan SW-22R (dark gray chiliwich)
Fuchs ODS 30 SLX w/Artist Footswitch
Guytron GT-20 (black tolex)
65 Amps Stone Pony (black/cream tolex)
Two Rock Gain Master 22 (black tolex)

= = Cabs and Speakers = =
Stage Craft Custom build 2x12 (black tolex) w/EVM 12Ls
2 Lamar 2x12 (black tolex & Marshall cane) w/Greenbacks
Morgan 1x12 (dark gray chiliwich) w/EVM 12L
Morgan 2x12 (dark gray chiliwich) w/Creambacks
65 Amps 2x12 (black/cream tolex) w/Blue & Gold

= = Combos = =
Carr Skylark 1x12 (Cowboy leather tolex)
Fender USA 1972 Silverface "Champ" 1x10
Fender USA Hot Rod Deluxe 1x12 (Custom Vintage Tweed)
Trace Elliot Velocette 1x12 (red tolex)
Trace Elliot Velocette 1x12 (plaid)
Roland "Jazz Chorus 90" 1x12

= = Misc = =
Ayan "Smooth 'N Slim"
2 Radial "Headbone" Head Switchers
Weber "Z-Matcher" Ohm Matcher
Voodoo Lab Amp Selector


BJFE "Honey Bee"
BJFE "Model H"
BJFE "Model D"
BJFE "Baby Blue"
Mad Professor "Bluebird"
Mad Professor "Big Tweedy"
BearFootFX "Model Hs"
Analogman "King of Tone" v.4
Sakashta "Smoky Signal Tubeless" EL84M
Tanabe "Dumkudo Switches"
Shin's Music "Dumbloid"
Weehbo "Dumbledore"
Tonehunter "BlueLine"
Custom Tones "Ethos Clean Fusion II" Preamp
Custom Tones "TWE-1"
Klon "Centaur" Silver
Klon "KTR"
Paul C. Audio "Timmy" v.2 (Limited Surf Green)
Paul C. Audio "Timmy" v.2 (Limited White w/Blue Script)
Paul C. Audio "Timmy" v.2 (Limited Sparkle Blue)
Paul C. Audio "Timmy" v.2 (Limited Red)
Paul C. Audio "Timmy" v.2 (Limited Baby Blue)
Pete Cornish "P-2/SS-3 Duplex"
Pete Cornish "NG-3"
Lovepedal "BBB07" (w/9v tap & LED)
Lovepedal "Les Lius" Gold Edition
Lovepedal "Amp Eleven" Gold Edition
Hermida "Zendrive SE" (Zen box)
Skreddy "Mayo" w/mid switch
Skreddy "Mayo" w/mid switch MkII
Skreddy "Pink Flesh"
Skreddy "Mayonaise MkIII"
Skreddy "Bloody Knuckle"
Skreddy "P19"
Bogner "Ecstacy Blue"
Bogner "La Grange"
Crazy Tube Circuits "Ziggy"
Crazy Tube Circuits "Starlight"
Way Huge "Drive"
Way Huge "Green Rhino"
Way Huge "Red Llama"
Way Huge "Overrated Special"
Way Huge "Cameltoe MkII"
Proco "White Face" RI Rat
Keeley "Katana"
Keeley "Darkside Workstation"
Menatone "Top Boost In A Can"
Catalinbread "Silver Kiss" Mkll
Catalinbread "SFT"
Pedal Monsters "Bright Lights"
Jetter "Altair IV"
Fulltone "Plimsoul"
J. Rockett Audio "The Dude"
Ibanez "TS-10" (MIJ)
Marshall "Bluesbreaker1" x2
Crowther "Hotcake" w/Bluesberry
Missing Link Audio "The Peacock"
Vemuram "Jan Ray"
Benson Amps "Preamp"
Ramble FX "Marvel Drive"
Nobels "ODR-1"
Snouse "Blackbox"
T.A.E. "YATS Custom"("Yet Another Tube Screamer")
Xotic Effects "Soul Driven" AH- Limited Edition
Xotic Effects "RC Booster"
Freakshow "#9" Mini-Boost
Boss "GE-7 Pro" EQ w/Analogman Mod

Eventide "H9 Max" (w/Digitech FS3X)
EHX "Q-Tron+" Envelope Filter
SiB efx "Echodrive 4" Custom Shell Pink
T-Rex "Replica" Delay
Skreddy "Echo"
Mad Professor "Deep Blue Delay" (Hand Wired)
Keeley "30ms Doubletracker"
TC Electronics "Flashback" Delay
Line 6 DL4 w/Drasp Mods
Neunabar "Wet" (mono) Reverb
Boss "TR-2" Tremolo Keeley Modded

Sonic Research "Strobe Stomp" Tuner
TC Electronic Mini Stomp Tuner
Providence "Vitalizer" Buffer
Keeley "Mod Work Station" Multi Effects
Zoom "GFX 707"
Loop-Master "Clean/Dirty Hybrid" Effects Switcher x2
Loop-Master "2 Way" Pedalboard Patch Bay
Loooper A/B + A-B Switcher
Hopper Single Mini Loop
Pedal Train II + MonoCase
Pedal Train Jr. + MonoCase
Pedal Train Mini x2(soft case)
Voodoo Lab "Pedal Power 2 Plus" x2
Voodoo Lab "Pedal Power Digital"
Voodoo Lab "Pedal Power MONDO"
Dunlop "DC-3 Brick"
Lavaman "Canare GS6" Patch Cables
Lavaman "Lava Blue Demon" 10' Cables

Alessis QS6.1 Keyboard
Boss DR 670 Drum machine
Boss BR 1180 Digital Recording Studio
Behringer Eurorack
Shure SM 57 Microphone
M Audio Nova Condenser Microphone
"The Blackguard" (#653) by Nacho Banos
"With Strings Attached" by Jonathan Kellerman
Fender Custom Shop "The Dream Factory" by Tom Wheeler
A very understanding wife!

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